My Wishlist

Coffee with Peter Levels
Magic Keyboard
Iphone 12
Go to Nomad Cruise
Dinner with Pavel Durov
Get a yachting license
Go for a trip with Sam Kolder
Brunch with Lewis Mocker
Sing to 1 million people
Skydive over Pyramids of Giza
Learn Italian
Dinner with Tim Ferris
Dinner with Gary Vee
Complete 7 Summits
Rolex Watch
Have 1M$ Liquid Assets By 27
Get Skydiving License
Skydive Over Bora Bora
Road Trip with Elon Musk
Fly on a private jet
Give a commencement speech in Harward
Go to TechCrunch Disrupt
Cool Garmin Watch
Yacht 25-30m (Nelena)
Go to Burning Man
USPA License