Vadym Ovcharenko — 🧑‍💻 Gig Economist.

Vadym Ovcharenko — 🧑‍💻 Gig Economist.

Freeing people from work, and work from people.

I believe that the future of work is no work.

In my attempts to free people from work, I follow this simple roadmap:

  1. Make work global, accessible, transparent, rewarding, independent, and remote by creating products that empower the Gig Economy.
  2. Make work easy and autonomous by creating AI-powered tools to replace humans from the workforce.

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About Me

I believe in global, transparent, remote work — that's why I consult agencies and freelancers on scaling to global markets. That is also why I'm a digital nomad travelling up to 11 countries per year.

I like creating beautiful digital things — that's why I started Auxility, where a team of 50+ creators make amazing user-centric mobile applications.

I am an intuit Product Manager with the record of 100+ successfully launched products. I like it stupid-simple. I like it failing fast. That's why I quickly made this page with Notion, and not with some fancy-ass builder.

I like data — I drive all my decisions with data and spent 2 years earning a Master's degree in Data Science. I used data to expose fake advertising networks, dominate freelance marketplaces, recruit best talent, loose weight, build killer marketing campaigns. I authored a couple deep learning papers. And yes, I'm watching everything you're doing on this page.

I also like writing about business, technology, lifestyle and remote work — that's why you're here.



GigRadar — Founder


Scalifier — Co-Founder


Auxility — Founder, Advisor, ex-CEO


IIT — M.S. Data Science'19


Bali 🌴— BasedLinks

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